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Death Cab For Cutie – Gold Rush

Outside of the grunge movement of the 90s, Death Cab for Cutie is one of the most recognizable bands to come out of the Seattle area.  Their style helped to define the Indie-Alternative genre in the early 00’s.  Having just passed their twentieth year anniversary, the band has returned with the lead single “Gold Rush,” off their upcoming album Thank You For Today.  Over these last two decades, the band’s sound hasn’t changed that that dramatically.  The same cannot be said for their hometown of Seattle, which has seen a drastic change recently in part because of the tech industry and large corporations like Amazon.

On “Gold Rush,” Gibbard laments on the changing Seattle around him and how it is unrecognizable to the the city he grew up in.  He is quick to address that song isn’t necessarily saying change is a bad thing, but just an observation, and ultimately how the passing of time comes to our forefront more as we grow older.  “It can be painful to see your memories so unceremoniously erased from the landscape.”

The song is a mid-tempo pop-ballad that uses a sample from a Yoko Ono tune as the backbone for “Gold Rush.”   The band loops it the entire time to add a bouncy effect to the song.  Gibbard’s vocals on the verses are choppy, with the song’s title blurted out between each line.  The choruses find the band in more familiar territory for their fans.  The song has a new feel without straying too far from the sound that has made Death Cab a long term success.

(Gold rush) Oh, how I feel like a stranger here
(Gold rush) Searching for something that’s disappeared
(Gold rush) Digging for gold in my neighborhood
(Gold rush) For what they say is the greater good
(Gold rush) But all I see is a long goodbye

The band has just kicked off their summer tour and will release their ninth album in August of this year.  Until the full album comes out, you can whet your appetite with their new single “Gold Rush,” and let me know what you think below!



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