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10 Songs I Missed in 2018

It has been a busy year, both in the music world and in my own life.  There were plenty of songs I wanted to share but never got around to doing a post on.  I thought I would end the year by sharing ten songs I listened to a lot this year that weren’t featured on the site.  So check them out here and don’t forget to subscribe to the playlist on Spotify so you can hear all of them in one place.

1. Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

Kacey Musgraves has quietly become one of the most consistent women in country music.  While much of her latest album could be classified as pop, “Space Cowboy” is pure country and it’s one of the best songs of the year.


2. Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me

Originally I planned to not feature artists more than once on the site, but I love Dermot too much not to mention his latest single.  Recently named NPR’s Best New Artist, Dermot is poised for a huge breakthrough in 2019 when he finally releases his debut album.  Dermot is what happens when a kid that grows up on folk music discovers hip-hop.  He knows his strengths well enough to not try to be a rapper, but brings enough elements of hip-hop to his music to make him stand out in the crowded singer-songwriter field.


3. Phoebe Bridgers – Scott Street

After first discovering Phoebe through her collaboration with Noah Gundersen on “The Killer & The Sound,” I ended up diving head first into her small but impressive catalog.  If sad songs make you happy, then Phoebe will be right up your alley.  On Scott Street,  she runs into an ex on the street and tries to get through that awkward small talk without showing how lonely she has become.

4. Noah Gundersen – Wrong Side

Speaking of Noah Gundersen, he followed up the 2017 release White Noise by collaborating with his friends and fellow musicians in the band Glorietta on their self-titled debut album.  However, he did release one new song this year.  “Wrong Side” is about old love and how just when you a sure you have moved on, something can trigger the sadness all over again.


5. Pinegrove – Angelina

Indie rock darlings Pinegrove returned with their second album this year.  The fun emo rock style and catchy melodies in “Angelina” is the stand out track on the album.  Sometimes the memories of mundane things are seen through a much brighter light when the person you spent them with holds a special place in your heart.  Coming in under two minutes, proves sometimes it’s better to get your message across and finish.

6. Eric Church – Some Of It

For over twelve years, Eric Church has been the most consistent artist in country music.  On his latest album, Church fully embraces his new life as a family man and father to two sons.  On “Some Of It” Church sings to his son about life and all the things he can expect to experience.

7. Mae – Let It Die

I am a sucker for bands that can walk that fine line between emo, pop, and rock music.  One of my favorites is the band Mae who returned this year with their first full album in over ten years.  On “Let It Die” lead singer Dave Elkins tries to seek forgiveness in a relationship.  The song is a perfect blend and sure to hit you in the feels.

8. The Menzingers – Your Wild Years

While this album came out in 2017, I didn’t discover it until this year and it’s worth mentioning.  The Menzingers, are a punk band out of the Philadelphia but they bring a pop sensibility to their songs that resonant with me.  “Your Wild Years” centers on a person who feels he is not good enough for his partner.

9.  Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

Currently hunkered down in the world of Americana music.  Courtney Marie Andrews got her first big break as a touring member of Jimmy Eat World. Her latest release is “May Your Kindness Remain.”  She has a vibrato to her voice that brings a uniqueness to her sound.  The song has a vibe similar to the Lee Ann Womack classic, “I Hope You Dance.”

10. Anderson East – This Too Shall Last

Anderson East released his second album this year entitled Encore.  While most of the album built off the blues and rock sounds of his first album.  On “This Too Shall Last” we see Anderson show off his soulful side in the love song.



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