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Winnetka Bowling League – Kombucha

Los Angeles band Winnetka Bowling League arrive from the ashes of Matthew Koma’s successful solo career.  Koma made a name for himself both with his own music, and as a contributor on a number of electronic artists’ work.  Named after the local bowling league that Koma is a member of, Winnetka Bowling League has already released a number of great songs in their short career.  Their most recent release is the EP Cloudy with a Chance of Sun which they put out earlier this year.  It is on that release that you will find the 90’s throwback single “Kombucha”

They say trends are always cyclical and we have had a run of bands trying to recreate the sounds out of the 80s.  It appears Winnetka Bowling League is ready to take us back to the 90s.  “Kombucha” sounds like something that would fit nicely in the catalog of artists like Beck or Cake.  It is power pop at it’s best and it is today’s Song That I Like.  The song takes us to the end of a relationship as Koma is trying to move on, while his partner doesn’t seem as willing to let it go.

“Don’t try to wait for me outside of my show to say hello
It’s time to swallow your Kombucha and pride
Yeah, why you always gotta rain on me and my vibes?”

The band is gearing up for a tour with LA singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan and continue to support their latest release.  I highly recommend checking them out when they come to your town.  You can find all the dates on their website.  Until then, take a listen to “Kombucha” down below or you can check out my Spotify playlist to get all the songs from this blog in one place!


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