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Dermot Kennedy – Rome

Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy has seen a rapid rise from Grafton Street busker to full blown superstar.  Over the last three years he has released multiple EPs, worked with hip-hop producers, and sold out a worldwide tour.  It has been a roller coaster ride for sure, and today he finally releases his eagerly awaited debut album Without Fear.  The question his fans are sure to have is if it will be worth the wait.  So far, the answer is a resounding yes.

In interviews leading up to this release Dermot has spoken openly about his appreciation of hip-hop and the inspiration it has had on him.  There has also been a shift away from the traditional folk sound in the more recent songs he has released.  That’s why I was surprised to see him take a turn back into folk with many of the new songs on Without Fear.  In speaking about the album he said “one thing that sort of dominates my thoughts more than anything is probably the passing of time and how everything is super finite”

One of those songs is the piano ballad “Rome.”  On it, we are taken into a conversation between a couple as they look back on specific points in their relationship.  People may come in and out of your life but the memories you create will carry on, sometimes even if you wish they didn’t.  Dermot’s strengths have always been the power of his voice and his ability to paint pictures with lyrics and on “Rome” both of those things are at the forefront.

“Do you remember when?
With Rome below us that day
You said, “I wish we could stay”
I just want to be there again”

Dermot begins a worldwide tour support of Without Fear and will most certainly be coming to a city near you.  Check out his website for all his tour information and be sure to see him live.  Until then you can listen to “Rome” down below, or check out my Spotify playlist for all the songs featured on this page in one place!



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