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Luke Combs – Does to Me

There has never been a rise to success in country music quite like what Luke Combs has been riding since the release of his debut album This One’s For You.  The album recently tied Shania Twain for the longest running number one album in country music and saw single after single reach number one on the charts.  Blessed with powerhouse vocals and a tendency to draw on the best of 90s country music, Combs has been able to appeal to all factions of country music.  He also is thriving in the world of streaming, having crossover success with hip-hop and pop music fans.  Combs returns today with the release of his second album entitled What You See Is What You Get and fans can expect more of the same from the superstar.

One of Luke Comb’s inspirations in the country music world has been fellow North Carolinian Eric Church.  The two joined forces for the track “Does to Me” on this latest album.  The song sounds like something that Church would put out himself in that it is an ode to the everyman.  Combs and Church sing about the things in our lives that important to us, can seem unimpressive to someone watching from afar.  Part of the charm of Combs is his ability to sound authentic when he sings a song like “Does to Me” that would come of insincere from many of country music’s other superstars.

“So say I’m a middle of the road
Not much to show
Underachieving, average Joe
But I’m a hell of a lover
A damn good brother
And I wear this heart on my sleeve
And that might not mean much to you
But it does to me”

Combs will embark on a large scale tour for this latest album, including a chance to open for Eric Church down in Atlanta.  Check out his website to see when he is coming to a town near you.  Until then, you can take a listen to “Does to Me” down below or check out my Spotify playlist to hear all the songs from this blog.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!


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