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Dave Tamkin – Bleeding Orange

Singer-songwriter Dave Tamkin has made a career out of bringing his energetic personality and frenetic guitar to the stage and connecting with crowds all over the country.  It is a style that allows him to stand out from the thousands of over singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars out there.  Originally based out of Chicago, Tamkin now resides in Boulder and has been able to cultivate a following in both places.  Regularly traveling between the two locations, it was out on the road that Tamkin found the inspiration for his latest single “Bleeding Orange.”

On one of those drives across the country Dave found himself in the middle of a Monarch butterfly migration.  The result was hundreds of splattered butterflies on his windshield and a little extra awareness of just how everything is connected in this world.  On the inspiration for the song Tamkin said “I thought about how running down my dream as a songwriter, I’m running down the dreams of all these butterflies trying to find their way home.”

“Bleeding Orange” is the follow up single to his self-titled EP released in 2017 which saw Tamkin experiment with a fuller band sound.  This latest release continues that trend and it really helps add a new dynamic to the song.  When Tamkin’s vocals take off on the choruses you can almost hear the pain those butterflies met on that fateful night.

“Every morning fighting for some reason
I’m still making it up as I go
When will my heart age to match my reflection
Will it find a beat of its own”

Tamkin currently plays regularly from CO to IL and anywhere in between.  Check out his website to find out when he might be in your neighborhood next.  Until then, take a listen to “Bleeding Orange” down below and let me know what you think or you can check out the Spotify playlist to get all the songs from this blog in one place!


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