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Top Ten Noah Gundersen Songs

In honor of the release of his latest single “Robin Williams,” and because I think everyone should get to know Noah Gundersen’s music.  This blog post is about the ten Noah Gundersen songs that have connected with me the most.  These are not ranked in order of my preference and if there are others you think I missed, let me know in the comments!

1.  Robin Williams

The first song on the list is the aforementioned “Robin Williams,”  The latest single by Noah is a look at the internal struggle of life, death, and just how much control we really have over it all.




2.  Ledges

Even the upbeat songs tend to be sad. “Ledges” showcases a man on the edge of having his life fall apart.  Released on his debut album of the same name it is one of Gundersen’s more pop-rock oriented songs.  Noah’s sister and bandmate Abby shines on the violin and background vocals on this one.



3. First Defeat

“First Defeat” is the second song from Noah’s debut album on the list.  It is for everyone who keeps getting back together with that person they know they shouldn’t.  It’s a song about first loves and how they can be difficult to get over, and all the things someone does that draws you back in against your better judgement.






4. Isaiah

The last of the songs from Ledges is the haunting “Isaiah,” which finds Noah on a date with a woman who is in a relationship.  There is a struggle going on as he knows what he is doing is wrong but can’t help himself.

5.  Slow Dancer

We have moved on to Noah’s second album Carry the Ghost and the piano ballad “Slow Dancer.”  It is another breakup song and in this one Noah is telling an ex that it is OK if you need to be angry if that will help you heal.  Its a song the pyramids in intensity as the song progresses before returning to a quiet ending.


6. Blossom

The second song from Carry the Ghost on this list is another breakup song.  On this one Noah is wishing a former partner the best at the end of a relationship.  It features some of the best harmonies of any of the songs on this list and even a nice little guitar solo at the end!

7. The Sound

On his latest album White Noise, Gundersen decided to stray away from the acoustic singer-songwriter vibe and go electric.  The result is the same intensity in lyrics and emotion but just with an electric guitar and drums as the driving force.





8. Bad Desire

If you made it this far you wont be surprised to find out that “Bad Desire,” the second selection from White Noise, is also about the end of a relationship.  It’s a ballad about a breakup and one where Noah seems to know that he is not good enough for this person and will only end up hurting her.

9. California

After the release of White Noise, Noah released a collection of songs that did not make it onto the album.  They contain in my opinion some of the best songs of his entire catalog.  However, for this list I will choose “California”

10. Wrong Side

In 2018 Noah collaborated with indie band Sisters to produce the track “Wrong Side.”  It is the last song on the list and we aren’t straying from the theme.  This one is about a breakup and how right when you think you are over someone, something can come out of nowhere and bring back up all those old feelings again.




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